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The Running Man

January 18, 2013

By Connor H., Covington, WA

Benjamin (Ben) Richards is the year of 2025 is in dire need of money to pay for hospital bills for his daughters who is ill and growing worse each day. In a desperate way to make money he enters in a “Running Man Contest” where he must hide from police and specially trained trackers for a month with the whole world watching and cash rewards for anyone who turns him in the game might be harder than Ben Richards thought. If he wins the prize is a whopping billion dollars, but if he loses the game he could lose his life as well.
In the book I really started to like Ben because I can really relate to him. He is a guy who really just doesn’t care what people think of him and can talk his way into or out of almost any situation. He is a very wise and relatable character to many people. Ben’s skills can really make him a worthy opponent and a threat to take away the billion dollars.

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