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Windows 8 From a Teen Nerd Perspective

By AlstonW, New York, NY

The date is December 27th, 2012. I’m sitting in a half-broken, solid black computer chair in front of a somewhat junky desk. My Alienware M11 Rx3 laptop is downloading Windows 8 for installation at a rate of 1.8 Mbps, due to my recently installed LinkSys router. Inside, I’m tingling. I’m eager to enjoy the new user interface and overall systematically efficient operating system. I was able to purchase and download Windows 8 for only $15.00 due to having been purchased a new computer in the last year. Prior to this, I had a Mountain Lion OSX Skin Pack installed. Desire to own a Macbook inspired that endeavor. When the download is complete, I hurriedly complete the first couple setup screens and instructions, applying an orange theme for my Start menu that would later be changed to red. Taking a glance at the new Metro themed Start screen, I notice a panel showing somewhat silly Facebook photos of mine at a set interval.

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