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Cyberia by Chris Lynch    (Continued)

February 4, 2013

He likes some of it though, like there’s a device on his wall that sends the scent of his breakfast up to his room. So if his mom made him waffles, he’ll smell them in his room. I thought that was his coolest contraption.
Zane loves his little, white dog, Hugo. Zane is an only child, so Hugo is kind of like a brother to him. But Zane’s whole relationship with his dog changes when his dad gets him a new gadget called a Gizzard. The Gizzard lets Zane talk to animals through a noodle-shaped earpiece or through a phone-like object. At first, Zane was kind of freaked out and didn’t like the idea of his dog talking to him, but he gets used to it. But since Hugo can talk to him, Zane learns some new things and gets into a pretty big pickle.
Zane doesn’t really have any friends in the book, but Hugo tells him that the vet he’s taking him to is evil.

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