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Kings of Colnmel by John Flanagan

February 4, 2013

By Gwendesy, Cincinnati, OH

You look up at two men on shaggy horses. The men have bows, just hunter’s weapons. The more impressive figure is riding in front of them. He is on a battle horse. He looks like he is in charge. Although, there is more to the men than meets the eye. This dynamic trio may be Araluen's most trusted group of men. Will and Halt, the two Rangers, and Horace, the swordsman, investigate the mysterious group called the “Outsiders” who believe in a new god called Alseiass. This group promises protection from the “bad god” Balsennis. Or, is this group something more than just a new religion? Will and Halt will have to sort out the problems of Clonmel by using the special skills of the Rangers.

Ever since the first chapter in this series I have not been able to put the books down.

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