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Act of Valor    (Continued)

What is the rest of the movie like? Well, it is all action as the SEALS are out on their acts of valor, and there is no real plot. About 85 percent of the movie is all complete action that I could not get myself into, mainly because of the lack of interesting characters, and the fact that all this action is styled as a video game. At times I felt like taking out my Xbox controller and pretend to be playing Black Ops just to get through the particular sequence I was watching.

There are no stars in this movie, the pay bill consists of real Active Navy SEALS. I will just flat out say it, the acting here is bad. I am aware that this is based off of real Acts of Valor, and I am glad that this film was dedicated to people in the army and their families, but this IS a real feature film, and as that stands, there really should have been more to this movie than an obvious message, lazily throwing in shaky-cam-type-action for most of the running time, and the characters should have had more depth.

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