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ParaNorman This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Kyle R., blah, KY By ChevyPillow, Fairfield, CT

3.5 out of 5

Perry: He's probably up there fiddling with his Ouija or his orb.

Norman is an 11 year old boy who is thought of as a freak and picked on at school because he tells everyone how he can talk to dead people, and, well, he actually can. Now, a century's old curse goes down on Norman's town he is the only one who can save it! His quirky acquaintances are dragged along for the ride and hyginx ensue.

Courtney: I knew something like this was going to happen!
Mitch: You did? Wow. Because that zombie bit really threw me.

After relentless anticipation for a fun stop-motion animated zombie flick that would hopefully push the PG rating, (which the movie exceeds pretty greatly at) ParaNorman didn't QUITE deliver exactly what I wanted to see, for the most part.

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