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Spellcaster by Claudia Gray

February 20, 2013

claudia R., Bedford, NY By Run2Liv3, Bedford, NY

From the first page to the last, author Claudia Gray caught my attention with her beautifully written novel, Spellcaster. Full of enriching details, cliff-hangers that will have you up reading all night long, and amazing characters with and amazing amount of chemistry, Gray will pull you in to her story without a doubt.
The novel begins with the Caldani family driving cross country for numerous hours from the city of Chicago to a dark, peculiar final destination of Captive’s Sound. Main character Nadia, her little brother Cole and her father have decided to start their lives anew after her mother completely uprooted the family by leaving them unexpectedly. What really upsets Nadia is that she and her mother had not fully completed her training as a witch. Unfortunately, her mother was the only one that could have taught her all of the spells that she needed to know, since every man was blind to magic.

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