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The Endor Trilogy

Lauren H., Hawthorne, NY By LoOny13, Hawthorne, NY

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your wildest dreams suddenly sprang to life, to battle alongside fairies, elves and so many more creatures? If you could vanquish lands with the flick of your fingers and a few magic words? The Endor Trilogy, written by John R. Garland, tells the story of a wizard by the name of Endor, venturing with his many friends to protect the welfare of the magical lands. If you are into having a short, quick read for a few days, this trilogy is for you!
Each chapter left me pondering what the next chapter would hold. The author is brilliant in incorporating how the trilogies are being written, by creating a character by the name of J.R. who receives letters and journals from Endor about his adventures. By this way, John R. Garland ingeniously incorporates himself into a story, as no book I have ever read has done before.

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