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What does Ip man stand for?    (Continued)

But this is the perfect time for an arsehole to show up try to ruin things. Meet Jin Shanzhao, A rude Northern Chinese Martial arts stylist who planned to prove northern Chinese style is far superior to the southern Chinese art. He goes to each and every teacher of Foshan and defeats them with pride, but has yet to fight Ip man. The Ip man refuses to fight Jin at first, but the people pursued him and Jin taunts his family. To bring Humility to this stylist he agrees to fight him. If Ip man wins Jin leaves with shame and humility, If Jin wins then he proves that northern style is far superior to the southern arts. A long fight happens between the two veterans has broken vase and splintered is left in wake of duel between the giants. Ip man emerges victorious A shame that the fight happened in Ip man’s house.

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