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Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston    (Continued)

Even though her Nanny is African American, Janie only first takes notice, at the age of 6, that she’s colored. Nanny wants Janie to get married at a very young age for protection. Still a young girl and obeying her Nanny’s wish, Janie gets married. She gets married to a man named Logan Killicks who’s had his eyes set on her for awhile. Logan had promised Janie a fulfilled relationship and in the end he did not treat her as he once had. To Janie’s luck another guy showed much interest in her causing her to run off with new guy. His name was Joe Starks who had promised much more of a relationship than she had now. Convinced, Janie married him and he acquired lots of money and then became governor of a town. Yet, with everything she could ever want in front of her, Janie had nothing she really needed.

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