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The Producers This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Oelania P, Brooklyn, NY

     A riotous comedy, a quirky musical, a clever satire - can a movie be all three at once? Apparently it’s possible, since this combination is created in the big-screen adaptation of the Mel Brooks musical “The Producers.” The film is a snazzy, clever mix of well-written musical numbers, biting one-liners, and a hilarious story.

Anchored by a stellar cast that includes Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and Uma Thurman, “The Producers” is the story of washed-out Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Lane) and shy accountant Leo Bloom (Broderick) who team up to make a killing producing the biggest Broadway flop ever.

Of course, the two face significant trouble along the way. In order to make their plan a success, they must find the worst play ever written - and find it they do, in the form of “Springtime for Hitler” by a fanatical Nazi named Franz Liebkind (Will Ferrell).

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