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Cast Away    (Continued)

Although he's constantly strapped for time, hegenerally likes his job. Second on his priority list is Kelly, his grad-studentgirlfriend (Helen Hunt) back home in Tennessee, to whom he plans to propose overthe holidays. He manages to spend Christmas with her, but is called into work thefollowing day.

Before leaving, the two exchange presents on the airportrunway. Pressed for time, he gives her the ring and tells her, "I'll beright back." As with many of his promises, these words come back to haunthim when his plane crashes in the middle of the Pacific.

Noland findshimself the only survivor, stranded on a remote island. His chances of survivalare slim, but thanks to some packages that wash ashore (it was a FedEx cargoplane, after all) and his refusal to let go of Kelly and the rest ofcivilization, he manages to stay alive.

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