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Grapes Of Wrath: The Book Vs. The Movie    (Continued)

We was all born on it (the land) and some of us was killed on it and some of us died on it,that is what makes it ours." This is one of the few scenes in the film that tug at your heart strings. As the family prepares to leave, Grandpa, a senile, but feisty old man, refuses to go. Near tears, he declares that "This is my country and I belong here." Pointing to the land, he says " ...this is my dirt. It's no good, but it's mine, all mine."

The cinematography is excellent which makes The Grapes of Wrath visually appealing. In a flashback, as Muley Graves and family helplessly watch their house destroyed by a tractor. The camera pans to their gaunt faces, then it moves to a still of their long afternoon shadows. They are no longer people any more, but migrants looking for food and shelter - they are "Okies.

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