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System of a Down - Toxicity This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Bapalapa2, Brooklyn, NY

   Systemof a Down is a revolutionary rock band founded about three years ago and consistsof Serj Tankian, vocals and keyboard; Daron Malakian on guitar and backup vocals;Shavo Odadjian on bass and backup vocals; and John Dolmayan, who plays the drums.

System is against any form of oppression and aggression carried out inthe name of religion, democracy, security or corporate interests by any nation,including ours. They are against the government probing our bodies, minds andlives for any of those reasons, as well as a host of others. System's influencesrange from death, hardcore, punk, rap, hip-hop, Goth, and metal to funk, rock,electronic, classic rock, alternative, Native American, European, Armenian, andMiddle Eastern music - and those are just the ones Serj canremember.

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