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Ball in the House - The Way It Has To Be    (Continued)

You'd swear there wereinstruments hidden somewhere, but it's just the guys and theirmicrophones.

"The Way It Has To Be," totally recreates music. Ithas songs to dance to, to relax to, and snuggle-with-someone-you-love to. Therhythms of their 14 songs will fit any mood.

Ball in the House's twoother CDs, "From the Bin" and "Ball in the House," are alsogreat, but you can hear how they have progressed when you listen to the three ina row.

For those of you who watched "The Brady Bunch," theband's name originates from the episode where Peter breaks his mother's vase whenhe was playing ball in the house (clever, huh?). The band, which may have notbroken any family heirlooms, has broken the mold in music. Enjoy!

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