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Believe In Me    (Continued)

Numerous other songs are about love: love lost, being hurt, and the search for that one "right" woman. In "Man in the Meadow," McKagan pays tribute to a deceased close friend of his Todd Crew. The powerful lyrics describe pain and even slight confusion, which are understandable when dealing with the loss of a loved one: "You had your start, you made your mark, and then you turn around and leave us in the dark: "

I think at times Duff McKagan's talents have been underestimated, and this album definitely makes up for that, as he takes control of lead vocals, guitar, drums and piano on various songs. The old saying holds true: "Give credit where credit is due," and I would like to be the first to applaud him. .

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i love this so much!
Jan. 11, 2018 at 12:14 AM • Report