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Ockham's Razor--The Play in the Air.

December 3, 2008

By Sarah M., Brooklyn, NY

Before tonight i had heard nothing of this play, except continued 3 segmented parts.
Little did i know, when i sat down in Row F seat 6, i would be watching amazing acrobatic feats. It turned out the group performing were known as "Ockhams Razor" and ar ehighly skilled aerial theatre company. They graced the visitors to this Cambridge theatre with their own creations, these included: Arc, Every Action... and there award winning Memento Mori.

"Arc" dazzled with its intriguing silent tale of how relationships form and break during isolation. Whilst "Memento Mori" followed with an interesting duet, and which was loosely based on Holbein's woodcuts of "The Dance of Death". A skeleton represented very literally how we all eventually dance with death. "Every Action..." gave a much more light hearted and comical aspect as four strangers "meet before twenty-five metres of suspended rope", this draw dropping show explored the chain reactions that everybody has and will make, somewhere, to someone.

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