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Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock

December 7, 2008

By Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY

Dairy Queen is about a girl named D.J. She is the main charter it all starts when her dad hurts his hip. D.J and her brother Curtis have to do all the farm work. She doesn't really like that idea; because her brother Curtis never talks at all to anybody. So she and her brother are stuck doing all the farm work all summer long. Her two older brothers are away at collage; they don't come home during summer; because them and their dad got in a fight and never got over it. There fight was over football stuff and well D.J's whole family loves football; and so does she. Last year her brothers were playing there rival football team and it was a great and close game but they lost. On the other team there is a boy named Brian He was making fun of them because they were crying and they lost the game. That made them even more upset. Any way later after that D.J and Cutis were milking in the barn the look up and Brian standing there.

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